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 "Dr. Spindel is a great doctor. I have been using him as my dentist for 5 years and he is the best dentist I have been to....." read more


" Dr. Spindel is the best dentist I've seen since moving to New York 25 years ago...He has an office on 40th street very convenient to Grand Central Station...He has a good sense of humor and enjoys his work. Highly recommended..." read more


"Top Notch Dentist-I have been to my share of dentists...I can truly say Dr Spindel is the best around..." read more


"Excellent Dentist...Dr. Spindel is a true professional with a great sense of humor!" read more


" Dr Spindel has been my dentist for 27 years and is amazing! He is certainly the best dentist in NYC!!" read more


"I carefully researched many NYC cosmetic dentists. My periodontist recommended Dr Spindel and he did my porcelain lamiantes. I am thrilled with the result..." Yahoo Local review 


" Dr. Spindel ...was the best recommendation I could have gotten....I would highly recommend Dr Spindel as an excellent NYC dentist.." read more


"I have been going to Dr. Spindel for over thirty years,,,,, his office provides the best dental care services available, anywhere. I would recommend him and his staff highly."

" read more


"Dr. Spindel was recommended to me 14 years ago by a dental technician who referred to him as the best dentist in New York City. He was right!" Yahoo Local review


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Dental Tip of the Day

Treatment of periodontal disease has changed its emphasis over the years. Now most treatment tends to be "non surgical".  Treatment begins with a series of 'deep cleaning' and the use of a type antibiotic. Patients are placed on three month recall after wards. For many patients this is all the treatment that is planned.


Some patients still benefit from flap surgery, especially those with infra bony defects that will not be eliminated by root planning alone.  Full thickness flap surgery allows the periodontist an opportunity to either recontour bone defects or add bone grafting material to add to defects.

New York City Dentist Dr. Lawrence Spindel, Wednesday, November 12, 2014  

"Located in Midtown Manhattan for over 25 years, I've been a dentist in New, York City dedicated to bringing my patients state-of-the art dental care.  My special expertise as a cosmetic dentist and an implant dentist means I can bring back your beautiful, healthy smile and restore your self confidence."

Doctor Spindel is currently rated one of the top dentists in New York City,  based on recommendations on Yahoo local , City Search and Google Places !  He continues to be commited to providing the very best in dental care available in NYC. Click on our site map for a complete view of our content. Please feel free to explore the website, or just call us at 212-685-0312.

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He is a preventive dentist, who emphasizes frequent cleaning,  patient homecare, and timely intervention, since this is the best way to eliminate many of the problems patients experience. The scope of preventive dentistry may extend beyond the mouth. There is mounting evidence that having a clean and disease free mouth may help prevent other medical problems.  Dr. Spindel is a dentist in New York performing minimally invasive and fixing small problems like abfractions before they get bigger. 

 Dr. Spindel has a reputation for providing natural looking esthetic bonding so that teeth appear not to be altered or filled. He is fortunate to be able to utilize some of the best cosmetic dental laboratories in NYC., so his crowns and porcelain laminates look highly cosmetic and function great. Dr. Spindel has been whitening teeth since 1984 and has created  hundreds of whiter and more cosmetic smiles. This tooth whitening is accomplished using either tray bleaching at home , in office Zoom tooth whitening or a combination of both.  He  also a cosmetic dentist who uses Invisalign (invisible braces) to create  more cosmetic smiles. Invisalign treatment can lessen the need for additional cosmetic dental procedures.

He is also an cosmetic implant dentist who collaborates with some of the finest implant surgeons in New York City, to replace lost teeth , eliminate the need for dentures and create cosmetic smiles that are both naturally esthetic  and long lasting. He also utilizes some of the latest technology when restoring both implants and teeth.

As an  expert restorative dentist , Dr. Spindel restores teeth with cavities or that are cracked or broken in a highly natural and cosmetic way by using white mercury free filling materials. Most patients desire these and think they look best.  Not only are these restored teeth highly cosmetic, but their fillings are affordable and fully functional..

He also treats periodontal disease, primarily non surgically, using a combination of low dose doxycycline therapy and a series of deep cleanings. These treatments, when combined with improved patient home care, have proven to be very successful and can often save the patients a trip to the periodontist for further "surgical" interventions.  If you do require surgical treatment, he can refer you to some of the finest periodontists in New York City.  They not only treat periodontal disease, but are also expert at performing bone regeneration and cosmetic connective tissue grafting procedures.

Dr. Spindel is a New York dentist who experienced in treating patients experiencing pain in the temporomandibular joint and related jaw muscles by fabricating various mouth guard appliances that alleviate pain and lessen symptoms.  These night guards along with certain behavioral changes can make a difference and often cause acute symptoms to subside. Wearing a night guard also protects the teeth against additional wear caused by parafunctional tooth habits that many patients engage in while sleeping.

When performing root canals , Dr. Spindel uses a gentle rotary file system, which when combined with a three dimensional filling technique(system B warm gutta percha ) minimizes intratreatment pain and provides a high degree of predicable success.  If you do require an Endodontist he can refer you some of the best in NYC!

 If at all possible patients calling with dental emergencies are treated on the same day they call. If their emergency happens when our office is closed they can speak with Dr. Spindel and get appropriate guidance.

Dr. Spindel has authored a number of articles in professional peer review journals. He currently enjoys writing his Ask Dr Spindel blog, his monthly column Health News You Can Use and has recently published educational articles about cosmetic dentistry on the internet.

If you are not yet a patient then it might be best to look at our testimonial page or our cosmetic photo gallery to view cosmetic dentistry before and after photos.  Visit our promos page to see our no risk NYC new patient special!  If you have dental insurance you might you might be interested in our dental insurance page.

Please feel free to call our New York dental Office at 212-685-0312 or contact us with any questions. We welcome patients seeking second opinions or advice about dentistry.


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